Your Platform,
Your Way.

Form the community you want with features built for you.

Build Community with custom member management software.


Engage members and relieve staff with email automation and more.


Carry out your branding objectives by customizing MemberSpot.


Connect with your users wherever they are with mobile compatibility.

The shell of solutions.

MemberSpot customizes features to meet the needs of your community.
Discovering how to build a community effectively isn't one sized fits all. Our team at MemberSpot digs deep to uncover the important elements that resonate most with your member base. From there, we create the shell of tools and automations that will create a community worth being a part of. 

MemberSpot puts a large emphasis on automation, branding, and convenience in order to create an experience that benefits both your colleagues and your members.
Build Your Base

Membership Management Made Easy

Have complete control of your members with easily accessible info stored in one place. MemberSpot allows for full customization of all the necessities, updating, and assigning members in a cinch!

Unlock Unlimited Member Engagement

Engage with members the way you want. With highly customizable community tie in and the ability to set up reminders and notifications, MemberSpot makes the only limit to member engagement your imagination.

Relieve Your Staff with Payment and Accounting Integration

Seamless Salesforce integrations reduce errors and save valuable time for your staff with MemberSpot’s encrypted and highly secure Payment and Accounting Integrations. Meanwhile, providing members exceptional convenience!

Stay Informed with Donation and Assessment Tracking

Ensure current member profiles and realtime updates with Donation and Assessment Tracking. The best part? Notify relevant departments of pertinent activity and information when needed to keep your operation running smoothly.

Rally Enrollment and Participation with Event Management

MemberSpot’s Event Management tools allow you to notify and keep your community in-the-know about upcoming events. Customize notifications to the member demographics to increase enrollment and participation!

Find What You Need, When You Need it

With MemberSpot’s ability to seamlessly integrate to your other systems, everything you need is easily accessible and searchable through the directory. In turn, saving time and money by finding the information you need, when you need it -- all in one place.

Turn your CRM into a Community.