Turn your CRM into a community with MemberSpot

Changing the way organizations interact with those that drive their existence.
lead the Conversation

It’s more than membership management software

As humans, we want to feel like more than just another lousy membership tally. We want to feel apart of something and know that organizations value our commitment and time.

With class enrollment, custom design and messaging messaging, and marketing automations, MemberSpot makes it easy to connect with your members and provide a truly tailored experience.
Build Your Base

You’re in charge.

Start fresh or transform current Salesforce customizations
Taking the first step doesn't have to be difficult. You're already working within the Salesforce platform? Great, time to add the MemberSpot shell! Or, perhaps, you're starting from scratch. Regardless of your current organizational status, our team of Salesforce certified consultants and range of industry experts are here to help.

First things first, set up a consultation with the MemberSpot team. We want to talk through the goals and objectives you hope to reach with a member management platform.  Only then can we understand your organization and create the best solution for you!

Turn your CRM into a Community.